There is 52 weeks in a year. Lowering intensity and volume every 4 weeks will not hurt your gains. Think big picture . Trust the process. Always aim to make it to at least 3-4 days a week. Staggered, not 3 days on 4 off style. Try 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off. Or whatever works with your life’s schedule.

Warmup: 400M Run

2 Rounds: 25ft L/R arm kb front rack lunge. 5 Scap pull ups ( active shoulders ). 10 pushups + 15 air squats

For Quality: 2 rounds. Hs Hold on wall :30 seconds/ feet on box hs hold. DB Overhead + Farmers carry 200ft (pick load)(switch arms every 50ft) 10 weighted back ext

Wod: 12min AMRAP

RX: 1200M Row in remaining time AMRAP 8 Burpee box jumps + 8 chest to bar pull ups

Scale: 1000M Row in remaining time AMRAP. 8 burpees to target( jump and touch pull up bar above your head) + 5 pull ups regular/banded/jumping

extra credit: 3 Rounds

8 DB lat raise ( pause 2 sec at the top ). 10 DB Hammmer curls ( pause 2 secs at top)