Mobility/Warm up- 0:00-10:00


row 250m + 5 inch worms + 10 push up- shoulder taps + 5 yoga push ups + 20 body hollow rocks

10:00-15:00 setup


40 Min to complete as many rounds as possible for quality over quantity:

1k row + 200M sled push + 1k row + 200M farmers carry + 1k row + 2 sets of max push ups

Intent: perform this workout at a lower intensity. The idea is to work up a sweat with some light to moderate loads. upon completion of the workout you should feel that you could have performed this exercise for longer. the farmers carry should be light enough for you tom complete carry w/out breaking. modify sled push with 50 steps w/a light barbell or bodyweight on back. (R+L=2 REPS).

COOL DOWN- 55:00-60:00

stretch and mobilize as necessary.