mobility- 0:00-4:00

Squat prep 3 mins+ 30s Front rack mobility per side

squat prep-

front rack mobility-

Warm up 4:00-10:00- 2 rounds

15 cal bike/row/ 200m run + 20ft 1-arm OH walking lunge per arm + 8 inverted rows( w/rings or barbell)

Set Up- 10:00-20:00 mins

Work- 10 Min Emom every 2 for 10

Front squats- 5×5

intent- You may increase weight through sets if its is comfortable and able to do. Focus on quality sets. if form is stating to break down on the last reps of each round please decrease weight.

Conditioning- 30:00-50:00- 3x 3min amrap

12/10 cal row or bike + 5 pull ups + 8 DB Front squat

rest 2:00 mins between amraps.

Intent: You should be pushing the pace for entire amrap. Use the 2min rest to regulate breathing and heart rate. the goal should be to maintain approx the same number of reps each round.

50:00-60:00- stretch mobilize

smash quads + lat stretch + couch stretch