Warm up- 0:00-10:00

1000M row + 2 rounds of: 5 inchworms + 10 Single Leg romanian deadlifts + 2 wall walks + 30s side plank each side

10:00-20:00- set up_

20:00-30:00- Every 2mins for 10 mins

5 Deadlifts

Intent- may increase weight through sets if form and quality is attained. don’t sacrifice form and technique for weight

Conditioning- 30:00-55:00


12 DB bench press + 150 ft farmer carry + :30 hollow hold + :30. handstand hold/ push up plank hold

Intent- Perform each movement alternating mins. this should be a core and upper body workout that is less taxing on your cardiovascular system. For handstand holds really try and push chest to the wall instead of away from the wall and keep shoulders active not resting.