Mobility 0:00-5:00- Shoulder mobility + wrist mobility + ankle mobility

Warm up 5:00-10:00- 3 rounds

10 air squat
5 box jump
30s plank

Barbell Complex ( warm up )

3 hang muscle cleans
3 front squats
3 hang cleans
3 power cleans

15:00-30:00- Every 90 Seconds for 15:00

Hang clean
Power clean

Start light and work up in weight with each interval. Focus on keeping bar close and hitting good positions for both reps. Drop bar after each hang clean and reset before full clean. ( no touch n go)

Workout- 35:00-45:00

10 Min EMOM

Each min perform
10 wall balls
5 Toes to Bars

This workout should be cardiovascular; very taxing with little rest between intervals. If you are feeling good try and use a heavier wall ball weight than normal. Replace hanging knee raise if unable to perform Toes To Bar. Also use a wall ball weight that will allow you to complete all 10 rounds