Warm up

800m run

3 Rounds

10 squat jumps
20 mountain climbers
5 burpee pull ups


4 Rounds of 3:00 minute AMRAPs

15 wall balls
30 Double under
3 rope climbs

rest 2:00 mins in-between AMRAPS

intent: Try and keep moving at a brisk pace for entire 3:00 mins. Goal is to try and maintain the same number of reps each round. Double unders can be modified with 60 single under. Rope climbs can be modified with 3 kipping pull ups + 3 toes to bars each round.

EMOM 12 Minutes alternating minutes
5 pulls ups (Minute 1)
5 bar dips or ring dips. (Minute 2) (Repeat for 12 Minutes)


Mix grips for pull ups each round. Regular/wide/narrow/mixed/supinated. Modify as necessary use a band or add a weight vest. This complex will be repeated weekly for the next several weeks. With the goal of decreasing your assistance and increasing your loading over time.