warm up: 2 rounds

15/12 cal bike/row + 15 band mini squats + 20 OH barbell walking lunges 45/35+ 10 bar kip swings + 5 pull ups

Emom every 2 for 10

3 back squats

Conditioning – 15 min AMRAP:

7 bar muscle ups + back rack barbell walk 40ft, pick load + 10 handstand push ups + front rack walking lunge 40ft, pick load

Intent- should feel like a steady grind. choose moderate weight for lunges and alternate between holding the bar on the back and in the front rack position. bar muscle ups can be modified with assisted bar muscles ups with a band or jumping, chest to bar or regular pull ups. or ring muscle up transitions. handstand push ups can be modified with inverted push ups with your feet on box or pike push ups.