Warm up:

1000m row followed by 3 rounds:

8 med ball cleans + 8 1-arm shoulder press + 10 hollow body rocks

EMOM every 2 for 10

3 power clean and jerks + 5 pull ups

Intent- choose a weight you can move quickly for 3 touch n go reps. then fo immediately into pull ups. focus on having great form and moving efficiently through these movements. you should have A LOT of rest each set.

conditioning: 20 min AMRAP

row 500 + 5 L/R KB Bulgarian split squats + 7 strict handstand push ups

intent- this should be another flow style workout. work up a sweat while building strength and skill. without pushing the gas pedal all the way down. kettlebells should be held in a farmers carry position. handstand push ups can be modified with seated strict dumbbell press or inverted push ups or pike push ups.