Mobility: 2 rounds

5 squats + thoracic rotation per side
10 T push up
:20 supinated hang ( loose shoulders )

Warm up: 3 rounds
12/10 cal bike/row
10 wall balls
5 pull up

Workout#1 For time
21 cal bike
21 Thruster, pick load
18 Cal bike
18 rings rows
15 cal bike
15 OH squats, pick load
12 cal bike
12 Muscle Ups

RPE 7: Short of breath. speak in short sentences.

Coaches note: substitute bike for calorie row or running (400,300,200,100 meters). Substitute muscles ups for pull up negatives if unable to perform pull ups. Use bands only if unable to perform jumping negative pull ups. (2-3 second descend)

Workout #2 EMOM 12 – Alternating

3 Inverted Ring rows ( 5 sec pause at top )

coaches note: substitute strict HSPU w/ DB Z press w/3 second negative descent..( no kipping) the goal is strict movement. If unable to pause for 5 secs at the top of row pause for 3 seconds. Keeping tight core and engaging glutes.