Mobility: 2 rounds

5 inchworms
10 L/R thoracic rotations
10 L/R Scorpions leg lift (prone position)

warm up: 2 rounds
row 500
10 burpee box jumps

Strength: EMOM 10

5 back squats
5 weighted strict pull ups

Coaches note: if you are familiar with your 1,3,5 rep max. aim to start back sqauts at 70-75% gradually increasing through the 5 rounds. Negative jumping pull ups for scale.

must be completed unbroken to count as prescribed

Workout #2: 5 rounds for time

5 deadlift, 225/155
10 push ups
15 wall balls, 30/20

Time Cap: 15

RPE: 7

Coaches notet: This should be fast and spicy! choose wall ball weight that allows you to do all 15reps unbroken.