Warm up: 3 rounds

12/10 cal bike/row
10 pushups
5 suitcase deadlifts, per side
5 1- Arm thruster, per side

Workout #1: 20min AMRAP

75ft sled push, pick load
10 burpees
150ft farmers carry, pick load
15 air squats

RPE: 6-7: Slightly uncomfortable, short of breath

coaches note: this workout should feel like a steady grind. choose heavy Kbs for farmers carry. the goal like all AMRAPs is to keep moving throughout the duration.

Workout #2: EMOM 12 alternating mins

5 strict hspu
3 strict inverted ring rows, 5 sec pause at the top

Coaches note: strict or nothing. the goal is to master strict strength and movement before relying on the kip. HSPU negatives or DB Z Press negatives for scale.