warm up: 1000m row

then: 3 rounds

5 yoga push ups + 10 goblet squats + 15 second ring support hold

Workout #1: EMOM 16 (Alternating)

10 Cal row + 10 handstand push ups

RPE:6-7- slightly uncomfortable, short of breath

coaches note: this workout will allow you to practice HSPU while short of breath. Try to knock out HSPU in 1-2 sets. You can kip! Modify with hand release push ups with feet on a small box or plate. Or strict pressing/push pressing kbs or dbs.

workout #2: EMOM 10 (Alternating )

5 front squats + 5 weighted strict ring dips

coaches note: modify squats with box squats or goblet squats to wall ball. Modify ring dips w/bar dips or negatives of either movement.