Warm up: 1000m Row
10 Push up position shoulder taps
6 Lateral box step ups per side 24/20
6 single leg RDL, Per side
6 1-Arm thruster, per side
10 hollow body rocks

Workout #1: 2 Rounds

35 Deadlifts, 185/135
30 AB-Mat Sit Ups
25 Box Jumps, 24/20
20 Back Squats, 155,105
15 Push Ups
10 Thruster, 135/95
Row 500M

RPE 6-7

Coaches note: this workout should be a steady effort throughout. strive to move at a pace that allows you to keep moving w/minimal rests. Use a single barbell so that deadlifts feel light and thrusters feel challenging.

Workout #2: 10 Min AMRAP

10 GHD Sit Up>>> 20 Weighted Ab Mat sit ups
20ft HS Walk>>> 20 Wall Facing shoulder taps on wall or box
30 Double Unders>>> 60 Single Unders

RPE 5: Sustainable pace for 20+ mins

Coaches note: This is not meant to be a strenuous amrap. we are trying to take time to practice some skill movements. whether it be GHD, HS walk< or DUs. Focus on one or to movements to develop some skill. breathe through transitions.