Mobility: 3min squat prep

Warm up: 2 rounds
12/10 Cal Bike
10 Mini Band Squats
5 Lateral Box Step Ups per side
8 Ring Rows

Workout #1: EMOM 15 ( Every 3 )

Back Squat 5×3 at 65-70% of 1RM. One set every 3 min.

Workout #2: 21-15-9

DB Thruster, 45/25
C2B Pull up

RPE: 8

Intent: This will be a fiery take on Fran! There is a 10-minute time cap on this workout, but your goal should be closer to 5 minutes. Choose dumbbells that will be challenging, but light enough to get through the round of 21 in no more than 3 sets, 2 would be preferred. Chest to bar pull-ups can be modified with regular pull-ups, jumping pull-ups or ring rows.