Warm-up: 600m Run (increase pace 200m)
Followed by 2 Rounds of
8 Suitcase Deadlift per side
8 Squat Jumps
45s Plank

Cycle through each complex once:
Clean Barbell Complex:
3 Hang Muscle Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 High Hang Squat Cleans
3 Hang Squat Cleans (with hinge at hips)

Jerk Barbell Complex
3 Jerk Balance (step)
3 Jerk Balance (receiving position)
3 Tall Jerk
3 Split Jerk

Workout #1: EMOM 15 ( Every 90 sec x 10 rounds)

3 Power Clean and Push Jerk (Light)

Intent: Complete repetitions unbroken. Do not let go of the bar. Chose the same weight that you have used for Fran or Nancy if you have done these workouts in the past. The focus of this workout is technique. As you catch the barbell in the power clean position, drive the bar upwards immediately to begin your push jerk. Make sure you lock out the bar overhead and stand up all the way for each rep.

Workout #2:20 Minute AMRAP

400m Run
100m Farmers carry (heavy)
200m Run
100m Walking Lunge ( 1 kb per side switch every 50M )

RPE: 6 Slightly uncomfortable, starting to breathe heavier

Intent: Aim to stay moving for the entire 20 minutes. Your 200m pace should be distinctly faster than your 400m; push the speed knowing that you’ll have a few minutes to catch your breath on the lunges. Use a light weight for the farmer’s carry so that you can complete the entire distance without breaking. Complete the lunges with bodyweight only. On all three movements, think about keeping your head up and eyes on the horizon to facilitate breathing. Your goal is to get back to the lunges in the third round!