Warm up:

1000M Row followed by
– 3 rounds-
5 Back Squat at 30-35% 1RM
5 Burpee Broad Jump
5 T2B

Workout#1: 5 Rounds

10 Back Squat, ( 50-65%)
5 High Box Jump
200m Row
Rest 3:00

RPE 9: very hard, 1 word answers or unable to speak Intent:

This should be a max power output, “all out” workout. Choose a moderate-heavy weight for the back squat (approx 50-65% of 1RM) and try to do quick reps. Then go immediately to your box, which should be higher than you usually use. You may step down from the box but then go right into your next rep. From there jump right into your rower and row ALL OUT until you hit 200m. The 3:00 rest between rounds should allow for full recovery.

Workout # 2: 3 rounds

:30 L-Sit
12 Ring Rows

Intent: Run through this skill work at your own pace, rest as needed between movements to accumulate 3 rounds. L-sits can be done on 2 boxes or benches, or on parallettes, stacks of plates, or rings. Accumulate :30 in a perfect L-sit even if that means to you split it up into multiple sets.