Warm-up 3 Rounds of

200m Run
20 Shoulder Taps
10 1-Arm Snatch (5 per side) kb/db
10 Goblet Squats

Warm up complex:

3 Hang Muscle Snatches
3 Overhead Squats
3 Snatch Balances
3 Hang Snatches

Move through 2-3 rounds with an empty bar and then start to work up in weight

Workout # 1: Every 90 sec x 10 rounds:

3 Power Snatch (Light)

Intent: Complete repetitions unbroken. Do not let go of the bar. Chose the same weight that you have used for Fran or Nancy if you have done these workouts in the past. The focus of this workout is technique. Make sure you lock out the bar overhead and stand up all the way for each rep.

Workout #2: Emom 20 ( ALT )

12 Wall Ball
8 Burpee over Ball

RPE 8: Very short of breath, can’t talk

Intent: Focus on moving quickly and efficiently through your reps each minute, and maximizing your time to rest. Wall balls should be done unbroken, and consider using a heavier ball or higher target than you normally would. Be careful jumping over the ball so that you don’t trip and fall!