Warm up :3 Rounds of
250 Row
5 Muscle Clean
5 Front Squats
10 Push Ups

Workout #1: “The Chief” 5 x 3:00 AMRAP
3 Power Cleans , 135/95
6 Push-Ups
9 Air Squats

Rest 1:00 Between Rounds

RPE 8: Very short of breath, can’t talk

Intent: This is your “test” or benchmark workout for the week. The goal should be to maintain a consistent number of rounds across all 5 AMRAPs. The prescribed weights for this benchmark are 135# for men and 95# for women on the power cleans, but choose a weight that you did last time or that you know you can do for unbroken touch and go power cleans throughout the entire workout. Have fun!

Workout #2: Alternating On the Minute x 12 Minutes:
:30 Handstand Hold
20 Hollow Rocks
:30 Farmer’s Hold

Intent: This is an opportunity to accumulate some time in skill work. Ideally, handstand holds should be done with your chest against the wall. If you are not ready for the wall yet, do them with your feet on a box and focus on pushing your chest through so that your shoulders and head are stacked directly above your hands to closely mimic a handstand position. Farmer’s holds can be done with the heaviest dumbbells or kettlebells you can get your hands on.