Mobility 2 Rounds
30s Kneeling Shoulder Mobility
10 Prone Dislocates

Warm-up 2 Rounds
100m Run
10 1-Arm OH Lunge Steps R
10 Pushups
10 1-Arm OH Lunge Step L
10 Ring Row

Workout: 40 Minute “Flow” AMRAP:
Run 200m
10 Overhead Squats
Farmer’s Carry 100m
10 Shoulder to Overhead
Run 200m
10 Bench Press
Lunge 100m
10 Barbell Bent Over Rows

RPE 5: Able to sustain pace for 20+ minutes Intent: The goal of this workout is just to move and recover from a big test yesterday. Choose a LIGHT weight for your barbell that you can use for all 4 movements – Fran weight or lighter would be ideal. Choose 2 moderate weight dumbbells or kettlebells for the Farmer’s Carry – you should be able to do the full 100m without having to set them down.