Warm-up 800m Run (increase pace each 200m)

Followed by; 2-3 Rounds of:
5 Ring Kip Swings
5 Ring Pullups
10 Wall Balls
5 Box Jumps

Skill: Alternating OTM x 6 Rounds:

:30 Hollow Hold
:45 Sled Push

Intent: Accumulate :30 in perfect hollow over the course of the minute. In needed, bring arms to your sides, or tuck in one or both knees. Choose a heavy weight for the sled push, but something you can keep moving at a slow, grinding pace for 45 seconds. Sub a plate push or weighted walking lunges if you don’t have access to a sled.

Workout #2: AMRAP 25 Minute

800m Run
5 Muscle Ups
10 Front Squats

RPE: 6 Slightly uncomfortable, starting to breathe heavier

Intent: Challenge yourself to keep any rest time during this workout short, and watch the clock to hold yourself accountable. Pace the first two 800m runs to set yourself up for success later in the workout. Choose a heavy weight for the front squats, somewhere around 55-65% of your one rep max. Muscle ups may be modified with bar muscle ups, low ring muscle up transitions, or 10 burpee pull-ups/ burpee jumping pull-ups.

Cool Down
60s Calf stretch per side
10 Sciatic Nerve Floss per side