Warm-up 3 Rounds of
12/10 Cal Bike
5 Boot Straps
10 Mini Band Squats
5 Kip Swings
3 Chest 2 Bar 10:00-15:00

Workout#1 : Strength ( Every 2 min )

5×5 Cossack Squats, Each Leg

Intent: This is an accessory movement to build our lateral lower body strength. Choose a moderately heavy kettlebell and work up in weight with each set if you feel good. Hold the kettlebell in the front rack on the same side as the leg that is squatting.

Workout#2: For Time
30-20-10 Wall Ball
15-10-5 Bar Muscle-up

RPE 7: Short of breath, can only speak in short sentences

Intent: Keep the walls balls as unbroken as possible, and then break the bar muscle-ups into smart sets and use the rest between sets to prepare to attack the next set of wall balls. Bar muscle-ups may be modified by reducing reps or substituting jumping bar muscle-ups or burpee pull-ups/burpee jumping pull-ups. There is a 15 minute time cap on this workout, but your goal is to be closer to 10 minutes.

Skill Alternating OTM x 4 Rounds:

12 GHD Sit-ups
12 GHD Hip Extensions

RPE 5: Able to sustain pace for 20+ minutes

Intent: If you don’t have access to a GHD, sub 12 weighted ab-mat sit-ups and 12 barbell good mornings (light). For the sit-ups, hold a dumbbell or kettlebell on your chest and try not to use momentum in order to make the sit-ups as challenging as possible.

Cool Down
3 Worlds Greatest per side
60s Couch Stretch
5 Windmill Stretch per side
10 Prone Press Ups