Warm-up 3 Rounds
250m Row
5 Sumo Inchworm
8 SDHP 45/35
8 Muscle Snatch 45/35

Strength: 10 MIN EMOM

5×5 Romanian Deadlift every 2 min

Intent: The Romanian deadlift will target the hamstrings and is generally more challenging than a regular deadlift. Choose a weight is manageable for 5 reps and that allows you to keep your back flat. 35-40% of your 1RM deadlift is a good starting place. You may increase the weight with each set.

Isabel For time:

30 Power Snatches,135/95

RPE 9: Unable to speak during workout

Intent: This should be done at a very high intensity. However, remember to maintain good form throughout the workout. We never want to sacrifice safety for intensity. Pick a weight with which you can complete the workout in <5min. There is a 5 min time cap

Workout Alt OTM x 6 rounds:

40 Double Unders
12/10 Cal Bike
12 Box Jumps

RPE: 6 Slightly uncomfortable, starting to breathe heavier Intent: Choose a steady and sustainable pace for this conditioning piece. Your rest periods should be fairly short. This will be a good opportunity to practice double unders; modify with :45 of attempts, or sub 60 single unders. Sub 15/12 cal row or 150m run for the bike. Choose a higher box than you typically use.

Cool Down
60s QL Smash per side
60s Pigeon per side
60s Couch per side
10 Sciatic Nerve Floss per side