Warm Up Workout :45 on / :15 Transition x 5 Rounds:

Wall Ball
Box Jump
Kettlebell Swing

RPE 6-7: Slightly uncomfortable, short of breath

Intent: This is a warm up workout, meaning you should take the first two rounds at a warm up pace / weights, and then the last three rounds at a workout pace, pushing the intensity. Start with lighter weights and box step ups, and work your way up to the full movement.

#1:Deadlift 5×7 Every 3 Minutes

Intent: Complete 7 reps of deadlift every 3 minutes for 5 rounds. Start at a moderate to heavy weight (65-70% of your 1 rep max) and work up with each set as tolerated.

#2 PU Dip Complex Alternating on the minute between 5 strict pull-ups and 5 strict bar dips according to the following sequence:

5 Pull-ups
5 Bar dips
5 Wide-grip pull-ups
5 Bar dips
5 Narrow-grip pull-ups
5 Bar dips
5 Mixed-grip pull-ups
5 Bar dips
5 Mixed-grip pull-ups (switch from previous mixed-grip)
5 Bar dips
5 Ring Pull-ups
5 Bar dips

Intent: Modify reps, use a band, or add a weighted vest as needed. We will repeat this complex weekly for the next several weeks with the goal of decreasing your assistance or increasing your loading over time.

Cool Down
60s Lat/Tricep Smash per side
5 Bear Crawl Kick Thru
60s Pigeon per side