Warm-up 3 Rounds:
10 Prone Dislocates
10 Push-up Shoulder Taps
5 Lateral Box Step Ups per side
5 Pull-ups
2 Wall Walk

#1Front Squat 5×7 Every 3 Minutes

Intent: Complete 7 reps of front squats every 3 minutes for 5 rounds. Start at a moderate to heavy weight (65-70% of your 1 rep max) and work up with each set as tolerated.

#2 Mary” 20 Minute AMRAP:

5 Handstand Push-Ups
10 Alternating Pistols
15 Pull Ups

RPE 7: Short of breath, can only speak in short sentences

Intent: This is your benchmark workout for the week – and a fun way to appreciate just how hard “Atalanta” was for the CrossFit Games athletes a few weeks ago! If handstand push ups and pistols aren’t there for you yet, you can modify with pike push ups with your feet on the ground or a box, and assisted pistols (to a box, or holding onto the rings at hip level, or a candlestick roll). Pull ups can be modified with a band or ring rows. You may also choose to do “Cindy” here instead if you prefer.

Cool Down
60s Couch Stretch per side
60s Apley per side
60s Chest2Floor