Warm-up 2 Rounds of
20ft Bounding
20ft Burpee Broad Jump
20ft Butt Kicks
20ft High knees

Warm-up#2: 2 rounds w/2:00 Rest
50 yd Sprint
10 Overhead Squat 45/35
10 Flutter Kicks

Workout#1: 3 Rounds:
50 yd Sled Push
10 Squat Snatch
:30 L-Sit

Rest 2:00

RPE 8-9: very hard, 1 word answers or unable to speak

Intent: This should be a good sprint that will tax your posterior chain and midline. If you don’t have a sled available, you can do 20 weighted squat jumps (holding a light barbell on your back or a pair of dumbbells at your sides) instead. The snatch should be a moderate-heavy weight, so that you do singles for all 10 reps but with little rest between. Then accumulate :30 of L-sit, ideally all at once but if you have to break once or twice that is ok too. You can modify the L-sits by bending one or both legs.

#2: Press 5×7 Every 3 Minutes

Intent: Complete 7 reps of shoulder press every 3 minutes for 5 rounds. Start at a moderate to heavy weight (65-70% of your 1 rep max) and work up with each set as tolerated.

Cool Down
60s Shoulder Smash per side
2x20s Supinated Hang
10 Scorpion
10 Prone Press Ups