Warm-up 3 Rounds
300m Row
10 Pushup Shoulder Taps
5 Yoga Pushups
5 Burpee Broad Jumps

As many rounds as possible in 15 min:

8 Strict Toes to Bar
15 Box Jump
8 Double Dumbbell Push Jerk, 45/25

Intent: Bring the intensity today! You may substitute hanging knee raises or V-ups for the toes to bar and box step ups or jumping lunges for the box jumps.

Skill Alternating OTM x 10 minutes:

10 Ring Push-ups
:30 Ring Plank Hold

Intent: Squeeze your legs together and keep your torso and legs in a single line during the ring push-ups and planks. If needed, reduce the reps so that you can complete quality reps and have at least :20 rest each interval. The ring push-ups can me modified to regular push-ups or knee push-ups.