Warm Up Workout 3 Rounds :45 work / :15 Rest cycling through each movement:

Russian Kettlebell Swing
Ring Row
Wall Ball

RPE 6-7: Short of breath, can only speak in short sentences
Intent: This is a warm-up workout. You should take the first round at a warm-up pace, and then increase your pace for the last two rounds. You can sub rowing or running for the bike, depending what you have available.

Barbell Complex:
3 Hang Muscle Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 High Hang Squat Cleans (at hip crease)
3 Hang Squat Cleans (above knee)
3 Split Jerks

Move through 2-3 rounds with an empty bar and then start to work up in weight

1 Pause Squat Clean + Pause Jerk On the Minute x 20

Intent: Start light and work up in weight with each minute. Take each rep from the floor but pause for 1-2 seconds with the bar just above your knee, where we took our cleans and snatches from the last two weeks. From there, make sure to pass through the high hang position as you complete your clean and receive the bar in a good front squat position. The pause jerk will help reinforce an upright torso in the dip. Pause 1-2 seconds at the bottom of the dip, then drive the barbell explosively overhead. You may choose power or split.

Pull Up and Bar Dip Complex :Alternating on the minute between 5 strict pull-ups and 5 strict bar dips according to the following sequence:

5 Pull-ups
5 Bar dips
5 Wide-grip pull-ups
5 Bar dips
5 Narrow-grip pull-ups
5 Bar dips
5 Mixed-grip pull-ups
5 Bar dips
5 Mixed-grip pull-ups (switch from previous mixed-grip)
5 Bar dips
5 Ring Pull-ups
5 Bar dips

Intent: Modify reps, use a band, or add a weighted vest as needed. We will repeat this complex weekly for the next several weeks with the goal of decreasing your assistance or increasing your loading over time.