Dynamic Warm Up : “Moscow” KB warm up,
2 rounds:
6 ‘Halos’ per side
8 Goblet Squats
10 Boot Straps
12 Single Arm Presses (6 per side)
2 Crab Bridges
Quad Smash
Ankle Mob

MetCon “Rainy Day Blues”

For 2 cycles: In 9 mins do:
3/2 Rope Climb then in the remaining time,
12 Single Arm Kettlebell Swings, 53/35 lbs
16 Air Squats
50 Single Unders

Rest 3 mins between each cycle. For each cycle begin with the buy-in and then continue the AMRAP.

Rope Climb (Health: 6 lay downs, Athletic*: 2 reps, Performance: 3 reps)

Single Arm KB Swing (Health: 26lb, Athletic*: 35lb, Performance: 53lb)

Single unders 3 min Rest, then repeat 9 min cycle again starting with Rope Climb buy in (start rounds where you left off).

Coaching Tips: Get through the Rope Climbs fast, but make sure you use good technique to avoid rope burns. Try and get up the rope with as few ‘pulls’ as possible, buy standing on the rope and reaching high up. Single Arm KB Swings are Russian height (eyeball height). Keep the chest up on the Air Squats and make sure you go all the way down and up (open the hips at the top). Each time the rope goes under the feet it counts as a cross over. Stick with one ‘style’ per round, but feel free to switch styles throughout the workout.