Context: Practice – Pacing the Row

Dynamic Warm Up : Coaches Choice

MetCon: “Castle in the Clouds”

For 2 cycles: In 13 mins do:

Row, 1200/1000 m then in the remaining time,

8 Shoulder Press, 95/65 lbs
8 Hang Power Snatches, 95/65 lbs
12 Supine Ring Rows
Bumper Plate Farmers Carry, 45/25 lbs, 100 m

Rest 2 mins between each cycle. For each cycle begin with the buy-in and then continue the AMRAP.

Row (Health: 800m/Athletic*: 1000m/Performance: 1200m)
Shoulder Press (Health: 35lb, Athletic*: 65lb, Performance: 95lb)
OR Kipping HSPU (Athletic*: 4, Performance: 6 reps)
Hang Power Snatch (Health: 10 reps with 26lb KB Swing, Athletic*: 65lb, Performance: 95lb)
or with 10 reps of American KB Swing (26lb, 53lb*, 70lb)
Bumper Plate Farmer Carry – or 20ft out and back x 8- (Health: 15lb, Athletic*: 25lb, Performance: 45lb)

Then repeat, starting with Row ‘buy in’. Start rounds where you left off