Crossfit Bishop is 24/7!!!!

Crossfit Bishop offers a wide variety of options for the fitness enthusiast with being the only 24/7 fitness facility in the Eastern Sierra with 3000 sq ft. Crossfit Bishop has integrated standard exercise equipment into the training facility and is no longer just Crossfit. CFB provides keyless entry 24/7 and allows you access to state of the art, internet based treadmills, bikes, all with online coaching. CFB has everything cardio with multiple Concept2 Rowers and Schwinn Air dyne bikes. With a Lat/Row Cable Machine, 45 Degree Leg Press, a Smith Machine, anyone can rack on weight and lift. CFB has seven free weight racks which can be utilized for squatting, pressing, and bench press. CFB has the ability to assist anyone with customized workouts to follow and offers personal instruction to educate the beginning weightlifter.

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